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Sep 24

Brad’s Birthday Extravaganza – October 23rd @ Bazaar Cafe


The Merriam-Webster definition of extravaganza:

1:  a literary or musical work marked by extreme freedom of style and structure and usually by elements of burlesque or parody
2:  a lavish or spectacular show or event
3:  something extravagant

rocking_birthdayMaybe extravaganza is not a completely appropriate name in this case ( I don’t think there will be any burlesque), but I would be honored if you would help mourn the passing of my 30s at the Bazaar Café October 23rd at 7 PM:

Saturday, October 23rd from 7 – 9:30 PM
Bazaar Café
5927 California Street, between 21st & 22nd Avenues
San Francisco, CA 94121

No gifts, just come and enjoy some good music, food and friends.

See you soon!