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Sep 05

Willie Nelson at the Mountain Winery

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Tonight was the night.  It was of course, incredible.  I don’t want to make this an all Willie all the time blog, but a few notes:

  • It’s all about the phrasing.  I’m not the first person to say it, but the phrasing is the magical ingredient in Willie’s music.  The way he turns a phrase and the way he plays a line on the guitar.  It just makes you feel good.
  • Beyond that, the simple straight to the heart lyrics speak to just about everyone.  I try to pin down the demographic at concerts, but there was no demographic tonight – Willie’s appeal is universal.
  • His stuff is timeless.  I’ve seen Merle a few times and I saw Waylon before he died and they were great, but Willie’s music never comes across as dated.  It always has been relevant, even when he’s playing American standards.

Two more things of interest…

  • Look at the ticket above, then look at the one from my previous post.  The service fee on tonight’s show is more expensive then the entire ticket in 1984.  Times have changed, but come on.
  • As I contemplate selling my car, it’s nights like tonight that give me pause.  Bay Area weather rarely affords the opportunity to drive with the top down and watch the stars.  The drive was almost as enjoyable as the show.  It reminded me of this VW/Nick Drake commercial.

Yes, I just referenced a car commercial.  Deal with it.

Finally, some music.  At the show tonight Willie played a great, bluesy cover of Milk Cow Blues. I love this song, but what is it that keeps people playing it since Kokomo Arnold recorded it in the 30’sRobert Johnson did it.  Bob Wills turned it into a Western Swing standard.  And of course nobody does it better than the King.  Enjoy.