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Aug 05

John Mayer on Songwriting

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I tried not to post this video (largely because of Mayer’s smug comment at the end) but it stuck with me.  See how John writes a new song by taking three other popular melodies and riffing on the:

That’s pretty much how I write music – start playing a rhythm\chord progression and sing some vowel sounds over them until words emerge.  Hope that the lyrics eventually make sense.  That’s also why I’m having a tough time bringing three new songs to closure – they’re lyrics only and no melody is presenting itself.  I’ll figure it out eventually, I guess…

Jun 12

The Perfect Songs: Question by Rhett Miller

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Donny sent me a link to this American Songwriter contest.  Here’s what I entered:

Rhett Miller has written one of the perfect songs – Question (from the Old 97’s Satellite Rides).  Without using words like marriage, propose or ring, Rhett paints a moment when a man asks that question "you say yes to once in your life."  It’s beautiful and intimate and makes the heart soar.  And all in under two and a half minutes!

I’ve played Question at a half dozen weddings and it never fails to impress. 

The Old 97s are playing at the Fillmore next month.  It looks like Rhett and Murry will be opening with some of their solo stuff before the band comes out.  See you guys there.