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Jul 09

Hey, look at me, I’m writing a blog!

I started a personal blog this week.  Theoretically it’s now tied to my Facebook profile, which means there’s a chance someone might actually read it.  Here’s what this thing is all about…

imageI needed a new web site (Brad Meador) to support my music habit and it had to have a simple way to post gigs and new material.  I’m no stranger to blogging, so a personal, music-focused blog seemed way to go.  The result is downtime.  If you use an RSS\Feed Reader you can subscribe here.  If you have no idea what that means, sign up for email updates here.

In addition to upcoming gigs and new music I’m working on, I’m likely to post about albums I really like (does the term "album" date me?), some great concerts, and anything else that captures my attention.  So, instead of sending you emails like "OMG I have listened to Greg Garing’s Dream Too Real to Hold 20 times today and can’t stop" or "I had no idea Kathleen Edwards could rock until I saw her at the Independent last night" I’ll just post that stuff here.

I also have some crazy notion that writing a little bit about music will help me clarify thoughts, stimulate creativity, and maybe – just maybe – make me a better songwriter and performer.  I guess that all remains to be seen.

On a final note, why did I name the blog downtime?  First, that’s the name of my album; a collection of largely melancholic songs recorded while between jobs.  Second, most of the stuff I listen to and perform tends towards tales of heartbreak – what I consider to be a very liberal definition of the blues (see About Brad Meador).  Finally, music remains my primary hobby, something I do to relax.  Downtime.  Perfect, right?