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Oct 03

Play downtime on Rhapsody

Brad Meador - downtimeAlmost a year after setting up digital distribution on CDBABY, downtime has finally made its way to Rhapsody.  I have no idea how I get compensated for this, but I’d like to find out.  If you’re a Rhapsody subscriber, please go download it and set play on repeat.

Even if you’re not a subscriber, Rhapsody will allow 25 free plays per month.  So do me a favor and play the tracks below a couple of times and we’ll see if I recoup my setup costs.  Thanks!

The Nicest Guy She’d Meet
I Can’t Feel Love
I Don’t Know
Come Again
The Bitter Guy
Cryin’ Dyin’ Blues
Marie’s Song
New York’s Just a Dream
Not Anymore
Micheline Reprise

BTW – Just got back from a week in Joshua Tree.  Like last year, Christopher and I got some great recording done.  I’ll post some stuff as soon as I’m done mixing and mastering.  But first I’ve got a couple of days to spend at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival!