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Jul 08

Recording Project Off to a Slow Start

Meh.  Critiques wanted!

A couple of weeks ago I started the new recording project in earnest.  I tinkered for three days with mic placement, various recording techniques and a TON of takes on two songs.  Net net, I don’t think I have any stuff that will make the final cut, but the mix is below.  I am hoping that you will listen with a critical ear and give advice on what’s working and what’s not.  These are big, lossless WMA files, so you’ll probably want to download to your hard drive first and play from there:

Nothing Left to Lose
It’s Not You It’s Me

Both started as live takes with acoustic guitar and lead vocals.  I used a couple of C1 Studio Project Mics, close mic-ing the vox and setting the guitar mic about 36 inches back.  This led to a lot of bleed in both mics, but I greatly prefer the live takes over tracking.  The mix includes some EQ and slight reverb to compensate for the dead room.  No other effects added.  My goal is a warm, intimate sound.  Note that this isn’t mastered, so it will sound softer when compared to a normal commercial track.

Feel free to post feedback here or drop me a note.  Thanks!